DITAxPresso Desktop Application

ElctronJS Desktop Application

DITAxPresso is a desktop-based software application developed by Metapercept technology services (LLP). I was project lead and core developer for the project. Developed multiple plugins for DITAxPresso Publisher, Styler, Editor to quickly modify contents.


DITAxPresso allows you to edit, style, and publish the DITA content without any knowledge of DITA or XML coding. You can publish in PDF, WebHelp, Word, and Markdown formats. DITAxPresso allows you to style PDF and Webhelp formats as required. The default DITAxPresso plugins can be styled as per requirements. And for personalized design requirements, you can use Metapercept custom plugins.

Editor and Builder enable you to make minor modifications to the DITA map content and restructure your DITA map, respectively, without making any changes to the existing DITA map files.


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